Sunday , 21 September 2014
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Sapphire Screens Miss The Apple iPhone 6 Launch By “Weeks”


I have been busy on the phone checking in with my supply chain sources. Since Apple announced the iPhone 6 yesterday people are beginning to talk. GT shipped large quantities of sapphire to the China finishers (Lens and Biel) over the past month. The plan as of a “weeks ago” was to include a sapphire covered iPhone 6 in yesterday’s ... Read More »

GTAT Path Forward: Bull Case vs Base Case


Original Publication Date: August 7th, 2014 by Matt Margolis via PTT Research FORENSICS High Level Summary from GT’s Earnings Call Revised 2014 EPS range from $0.02-0.18 to $0.12-0.18 Revised 2014 Revenue range lower from $600m-800m to $600-700m Expects to receive final prepayment from Apple by October 31, contingent on reaching certain operational targets set by Apple GTAT is now capable of ... Read More »

GTAT Cannacord Genuity Conference Takeaways


Original Publication Date: August 14, 2014 by Matt Margolis via PTT Research FORENSICS   The Cannacord Genuity call was action packed and loaded with extremely bullish nuggets.  GTAT’s management focused on diverting attention away from sapphire materials and Apple and on the company’s future as a diversified technology company.  I am even more excited about GTAT’s prospects over the next 12 ... Read More »