Tuesday , 30 September 2014
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Project Cascade And Apple’s “Definite” Need For An Unprecedented Expansion


On December 20th, 2013 the city of Mesa, AZ submitted a subzone application under Foreign-Trade Zone No. 221 for Apple Inc. The property located at 3740 S. Signal Butte Rd., measuring 83 acres, includes a 1.3 million square foot facility that Apple bought from First Solar for $113 million dollars. It is being retrofitted and enhanced to support GT Advanced ... Read More »

The Creation Of A Super Sapphire Cover Screen Is Well Underway


After Apple failed to launch the iPhone 6 with sapphire cover screens reports surfaced that drop test failures were one of the reasons. The first drop test of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were captured on the video and the results are far from impressive. The evidence is in the video that ion strengthened glass is far from ... Read More »

GTAT And INVN Are Prepping For Tremendous Sales Growth Over The Next 12 Months


  Original content was published to PTT Forensics subscribers on August 14th. Minor adjustments were made to ensure that the published content does not reflect stale information. GTAT’s Quarterly Sales, Revenue And Contractual Commitments I’ve been heavily focused on data analytics because I believe they can foreshadow a shift in business conditions. The chart below reflects GTAT’s contractual purchase commitments, ... Read More »