Thursday , 23 October 2014
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Latest BK Filing Indicates That GTAT And Apple Are On The Cusp Of A “Global Settlement”


The parties are on the cusp of a consensual global settlement and the further extension is necessary to allow the parties to continue to discuss certain issues related to the Supplemental Squiller Declaration, the Apple Agreements, and the Apple Objection. Also, the parties do not expect that they will require another extension. GTAT submits that granting such relief is in ... Read More »

GTAT: September 19, The Day The Music Died


  GTAT’s general counsel fees with Ropes & Greys (R&G) began to surge on September 19. GTAT signed confidentiality agreements with financial and restructuring advisors on September 19. GTAT soon retained these advisors with the goal of improving financial and operating performance as well as issuing new capital through either debt or equity offerings. GTAT had announced on September 15 ... Read More »

Lessons I Have Learned From Mark Gomes And The GTAT Fallout


As I acknowledged in my apology last week, I was 100% wrong on GTAT–not wrong about what could have happened (we can give Tim Cook at least that much credit), but wrong to predict so confidently what would happen. It’s true that much of the analysis and coverage of GTAT was more or less in line with my own, but ... Read More »