Saturday , 31 January 2015
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INVN Long-Term Story Gaining Momentum


Invensense is rated a momentum stock, appropriate for 3 to 7% of your portfolio. Shares of INVN are down 28% since reporting its second quarter fiscal 2015 results on October 28th. I believe the selloff of Invensnse shares is overdone and am still confident in the INVN investment story. However, in view of the quarterly results and guidance I am ... Read More »

Squllier’s Declaration Sheds Light On GTAT’s Bankruptcy Details


I’ve listed below are some notable findings from one of today’s GTATQ bankruptcy court filings in its dealings with Apple (AAPL) and the manufacturing of sapphire for Apple. The information below was pulled directly from the court documents and sheds some light on what went wrong and led to GT’s chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Per Bankruptcy Court Filing Apple, however, has the right, without ... Read More »

Apple And GTAT Part Ways. Cause Of Bankruptcy Remains Shrouded In Secrecy


Apple and GT Advanced Technologies struck an agreement that will result in the destruction and sealing of documents that explain what led to GTAT’s bankruptcy. Complete details of the arrangement are not yet available, but they should be filed on Friday. The deal may not end the relationship, since the two companies parted on “amicable terms.” The Mesa, AZ sapphire ... Read More »